Family of Sasha Leigh (Atlantic City, NJ)

My husband and I researched for months before we decided to get a puppy. We looked all over and we kept coming back to SJ Farms Dogs. We loved the Facebook posts and how interactive the breeder (Ashley) came across.

We figured it was time to give her a call and tell her we were interested. Ashley was so informative and really took the time to talk to us about her experience as a breeder. We were hoping to bring a puppy home Spring of 2017, but the next German Shepherd litter would not be around until the end of Summer/Fall 2017 and that was just too long of a wait for us. There were only a couple of females left in Zara's litter. We were between two little pups and another customer had first pick. We knew what was meant to be would be.

That brings us to our BEAUTIFUL, smart, INCREDIBLE, LOVING Sasha Leigh formerly known as Blue Girl (Her collar). We now have a beautiful 12 week old German Shepherd Puppy. She is a plush coat (long haired) and she is the perfect addition to our family.

At 12 weeks Sasha Leigh is fully house trained, (she rings a bell before she has to go outside) she sits, lyes down, gives her paw, gives single high fives, double high fives, speaks on command, barks to how many fingers you have up, stops barking on command, is excellent on a leash to the point where she sits when you stop walking. Sasha can "Put Em' Up," play dead, roll over, freeze... The list is endless. We have ourselves one of the smartest little pups and we honestly owe it to SJ Farms Dogs.

There is so much love and attention during the breeding process. SJ Farms Dogs really cares about their puppies and what kind of homes their puppies end up at.

The pups come with the most organized paperwork, our vet even made a comment! We know when Sasha's eyes first opened, what time she was born, we know that she was second in the liter... just a couple of many examples to give you an idea of how closely these pups are monitored throughout the early stages of their lives. The other bonus, SJ Farms Dogs microchip the pups before you take them home.

Ashley has never missed one my many texts or calls, and before we picked up Sasha Leigh there were multiple because she's our first pup and we had A LOT of questions. Now, Ashley and I are always checking in with one another. We love sharing weekly photos and videos of Sasha with Ashley for her to share with her family, especially her adorable children.

You will NOT regret your decision to bring home an SJ pup. You will be happy, proud, and beyond excited for what the next chapter of your life will entail for you and your new bestie. At least that's the case for our Salerno household!

Thanks for everything Ashley and family!


family of koda (canton, ct)

I cannot begin to explain how thankful I am to have met Ashley and her family. After searching for the perfect German Shepherd dog for months and coming across a countless number of scams, I finally came across Ashley (SJ FARMS). I E-Mailed Ashley and she E-Mailed me back almost immediately, and was so sweet and so informative. Ashley and I made a date for me to come and that is when I picked the dog that I wanted. Ashley TRULY TRULY cares about all of her dogs and the families that her dogs are going to. She really makes sure that her pups are going to a good home, and really gets to know the families personally, which means the most to me. She kept in touch and sent me pictures of the dog that I picked (Koda) before he was able to come home (he was still too young). After picking Koda up, Ashley gave me a dog basket with treats, toys and food as a starter pack for Koda. She had all of the paperwork (vet paperwork, chip paperwork etc) and was very organized. Before I left with Koda, Ashley had said "please please send update pictures on Koda!!" Still to this day Ashley will text me and ask how Koda and I are doing. I will send her pictures and updates on him and she always responds. It is so hard to find good breeders now a days but Ashley is the BEST!! The most caring, responsible and respectful breeders and person that I have ever met. The whole process went very smoothly and was very easy. I am so in love with Koda, he is such a smart/handsome, and HEALTHY dog... Thank you Ashley and family!!! <3









Family of Nika & Maya (Ravena, NY)

We were searching for months for not only the perfect german Shepherd puppy but for the right breeder. To say the least, Ashley and SJ Farms has superceded our expectations. From answering every question fully to continiuosly keeping us up to date on the puppy's progress by sending us weekly pictures and messages. The most amazing part of the whole experience is seeing Ashley and her family treating all the families as family members. Playing with them, starting to train them and just loving them. If you want a German Shepherd or Husky puppy I highly recommend Ashley and SJ Farms. 

Family of Molly & Sadie (Kingston, NY)

I can't say enough good things about SJ Farms. Ashley and her family were outstanding! She was organized and provided frequent updates on our puppies. The transition home could not be easier, she provided all paperwork and necessary information to make sure our new family members get off on the right start! I would highly recommend SJ Farms and I will definitely be back for another!