Von Der Reganhaus was created in 2015 by Ashley after being a stay at home mom for several years. Ashley grew up breeding Saint Bernards with her mom and breeding always had a special place in Ashley’s heart. Life moved on, her mom retired from breeding and Ashley started a family of her own. Ashley was a stay at home mom and as her children began to get older and become more independant, Ashley began to feel like she needed something to be passionate about other than her family and children. It was at this time that she had brought home her own Siberian Husky and German Shepherd puppies. Ashley was amazed by the breeds and knew that her knowledge of breeding as well as love of the dogs could bring joy to people’s lives. From day one, Ashley strived to produce not only beautiful puppies but also healthy, well balanced ones by ensuring all breeding dogs pass the necessary health testing but also by making her puppies a part of the family from the moment they ate born until the day they leave with their new families. Early socialization is so necessary in creating confident dogs that may be used for purposes other than just a wonderful family pet. Reganhaus pups have excelled in emotional support, sport, show and therapy. Ashley tries to create a memorable experience for the puppy families by ensuring all questions are answered in a timely manner, keeping families up to date on the puppies progression and offering lifetime support. “I try to offer the same experience that I would hope for when purchasing a puppy of my own. An experience of love, trust and a strong relationshhip.”