The Parents



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SG1 Chara Von LJulin BH IPO1

Chara has proven herself in both show and in motherhood. Chara is titled and daughter of 2x and current World Sieger Champion Ballack Von Der Brucknerallee, exhibiting the same grace and beauty of her father. Chara's puppies have been seen in the European shows and have excelled in home protection, therapy and proven to be loyal companions. With a balanced medium drive, prestigious pedigree and gentle disposition, we are sure that Chara will take our breeding program to the next level! Chara's favorite activities include taking long walks through the woods with her family, treat time and getting chin rubs. Chara's next litter is expected Winter/Spring 2019.

Health Testing

Hips:SV a-normal (a1)

Elbows: SV ED a-normal


Kurina Vom Team Furstenbrunn

Kurina is a gorgeous young lady with a medium drive and excellent temperament. Kurina is daughter of the great Atilla “The Emperor” Vom Team Furstenbrunn IPO2 and Kiwi Feetback IPO1. Puppies from Kurina will be strong, heavy boned dogs with impeccable temperaments and highly intelligent. Kurina’s next litter will be expected Spring 2019

Health Testing

Hips: a-1 normal
Elbows: normal

Degenerative Myelopathy: Pending


Zara De Eldorado

Zara is a top European import from 100% west German show lines with excellent bloodlines. Featuring a pedigree showered with SCHH, IPO and VA titles Zara creates some very healthy, impressive puppies. With a low-medium drive and clear mind, the puppies will be wonderful protection companions. Puppies from Zara's previous litters have proven highly trainable, intelligent and have succeeded in becoming certified for therapy and service. Zara's favorite activities include lounging by the fireplace, chasing the dogs and dinner time.  Zara's next litter is expected WINTER 2018.


Hips: a-1/a-2

Elbows: 0/0 (Negative for elbow dysplasia)

Degenerative Myelopathy: "A" Clear


Unique Vom team furstenbrunn

Unique has a very fiting name, she has a rare appearance of very dark and deep pigments. Unique is still a young girl who will be expected to begin breeding in 2020. Unique is daughter to 2014 World Seiger Champion, 2015 USA GSDCA Sieger Champion, the great Schumann Von Tronje IPO2 SCHH2 kkl who has produced 12 VA offspring

Health Testing

Hips: Pending
Elbows: Pending

Degenerative Myelopathy: Pending